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Treating Nausea During Pregnancy with Acupressure and Herbal Tea

Nausea during pregnancy is usually caused by hormone changes, and from the Western medicine point of view, it is usually dismissed as “minor disorders.” The nausea feeling usually starts around 4 to 6 weeks of pregnancy, and for some women, they can have the nausea since the very beginning of their pregnancy. Roughly around only 50% of women will feel complete relief around 14 weeks.

Pregnancy nausea

Some women experience milder symptoms, others might experience consistent nausea which cause exhaustion and fatigue. For severe cases, some women are forced to bed rest or even hospitalized for dehydration.

In Chinese Medicine, we believe the nausea feeling is caused by the rebellious energy from the specific channels. The following are some safe and simple Acupressure points and herbal tea that can help relieve the nausea symptoms during pregnancy.

Acupressure Points to Help with Pregnancy Nausea

Pressure Point Nei Guan (P-6)

  1. Place three finger of your opposite hand across your wrist, the point is on the inner forearm in between the two tendons.

  1. Dig the tip of your thumb into the point location and make circular movement to stimulate the point.

  1. Dig the tip of your thumb into the point location, rotate the wrist to stimulate the point. This method usually give you strong stimulation.

Acupressure around Tan Zhong (Ren-17) area

  1. This point is located on the anterior median line of the chest, at the level of the 4th intercostal space, in between the nipples

  2. Generally you can use your thumb to make circular motion on the tender points around the area ( see image below)

4 Herbs for a Herbal Tea to help with Nausea

  • Raw ginger

  • Perilla Leaf (common backyard plant)

  • Bamboo shavings (It is is finely shaved bamboo which can clear heat and phlegm from the body)

  • Liquorice Root


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