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Clinical Study: Acupuncture & TCM Treatments for Chronic Pelvic Inflammation

(Clinic research from Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine and The first affiliated hospital of Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine Zheng Yue, Liu Li)

Chronic Pelvic Inflammation

What is Chronic Pelvic Inflammation?

Chronic pelvic inflammation involves the organs of a women’s reproductive system including the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and cervix and the surrounding connective tissue. Chronic Pelvic inflammation can cause irregular menstruation, abnormal virginal discharge, lower abdominal and lower back pain, infertility and so on.

Chronic Pelvic Inflammation Treatments Study

Allopathic medicine tend to use antibiotics to treat symptoms which can cause drug resistance and recurrence. In China, there are impressive clinical results treating chronic pelvic inflammation by using combination of acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbs (oral intake and enema).

allopathic medicine vs TCM herbs

In a study, 100 patients with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease were treated. In the control group, 50 cases were treated with conventional western medicine, and the other 50 patients part of the "treatment group" were treated with acupuncture combined with Chinese herbs. The two groups were treated for 3 menstrual cycles, and the clinical efficacy and the total score of symptoms and signs were observed.

The therapeutic effect of the "treatment group "(92%) was superior to that of the control group (82%), and the difference were significant. Breakdown of the treatment is in the chart below: