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Fertility Series: How Kidney Yang Deficiency Affects Fertility

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the symptom of “cold uterus” is a common reason for infertility among younger women. Just as movement is hindered in a frozen lake, it is as so in the process of fertilization, implantation and maturation of the embryo. Read below to learn more about how our TCM Practitioner Ilana Stein-Attali treated kidney yang deficiency in a young woman unable to complete pregnancy to term.

Case Study - Treatment to Infertility due to Kidney Yang Deficiency

A. G. was in her 30’s and showed signs of kidney yang deficiency suffered in cold weather. The cramps and lower back discomfort felt during her periods were ameliorated with warmth. Her cycles were regular, every 29 days. She has been pregnant in the past, experiencing a miscarriage at 7 weeks and an IVF pregnancy that miscarried early as well. Her tongue showed little redness at the tip which signifies heart qi stagnation and her pulse showed signs of kidney yang deficiency. She was treated with acupuncture and moxa for the first 2 weeks leading up to ovulation.

At home follow up instructions were as follows:

  • Add warming foods to diet - such as leeks, onions, ginger, spices (not extremely hot spices as they make the body “cold’)

  • Eat cooked foods rather than raw

  • Add more seafood

  • Avoid drinking iced water

  • Avoid swimming in cold water, exposing back or legs to cold conditions

  • Moderate sports or dance

  • Add more laughter - watch comedies!

Basal Body Temperatue

Her Basal Body Temperature (BBT) chart appeared excellent until one week after ovulation it began to dip. Noticing that, she came back for treatment where she received moxa and acupuncture and was told to take a ginger foot bath nightly. The next day her temperature went back up and remained so. (see BBT chart above)

Congratulations to a pregnant A.G !


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