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Late Summer and Chinese Medicine

Mid-August begins the season of Late Summer when Nature puts forth its last burst of energy before Fall harvest.

Five Element is an ancient yet essential theory in Chinese Medicine. Five Element describes the interrelationship between us and the nature. We are all energy beings. All life—human, plant, animal, and Universal—are connected in the larger picture.

The energy of this season corresponds to the nurturing Earth element. The Stomach and Spleen belongs to Earth element in Chinese Medicine. Just as all of Nature relies on Mother Earth for nourishing, we also rely on our digestive system for emotional and physical support.

In Chinese Medicine, eating and living with the seasons is an important part of staying healthy.

Some basic rules for eating in Late Summer:

1. Keep food simple – learn to savor the natural taste of your foods without over flavoring. Eat for simple, comforting nourishment.

2. Incorporate yellow-orange veggies, tubers and gourds. Thin about pumpkin, winter squash, yams and carrots. In Chinese Medicine, these veggies are tonics for the Earth element.

In Chinese Medicine, Earth Element is closely related to immunity similar to the Western Medicine point of view of the relationship between good bacteria and our immune system. For people who suffer from yearly flu season, taking care of your Earth Element – your digestive system is essential.

Here are two common Chinese herbs that can help boosting your digestive system:

1. Chen Pi (tangerine peel) - This herb can help regulate your whole digestive system and according to TCM, it can help with spleen and stomach issues, including nausea, vomiting, belching, abdominal fullness, and distention or pain

2. Sheng Jiang (Raw Ginger) – This herb is great for firing up the digestive system to treat nausea in particular; it can warm up the body to induce sweating to get rid of the cold in the body and can warm up the body to relieve aches and pains.


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