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Natural TCM remedy for cold- Lemon Ginger Tea


● Ginger 2-3 slices

● Lemon 3-4 slices

● Honey 1-2 tea spoons

● Mint 1-2 leaves

● water 400ml


1. Boil water with ginger

2. Put Lemon in a glass

3. Pull ginger water into glass

4. Add lemons, honey and mint

Ready in 10 minutes

Serves 1 people


Ginger - expel cold, warm the stomach, detox, help with vomit and nausea

Lemon - help with digestion reduce pain and swelling (inflammation)

Honey - natural antibiotic, relief cold and cough symptoms

Mint - is a calming herbs to help to soothe upset stomach and digestion. Soothing

common cold symptoms ( Mint contains

menthol, this is an aromatic decongestant

that may help to break down phlegm and

mucus, making it easier to expel.


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