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Sleep Better with 4 Essential Chinese Herbs

Sleep disorders will affect about 40% of Canadians during their lifetime, leading to serious health risks. It is common especially in today’s society due to high stress, chronic exhaustion, over consumption of caffeine later in the day or simply from over stimulation from devices. A natural way to combat insomnia or other sleep disorders is with the use of Chinese herbs in a custom herbal tea.

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How many hours of sleep do you really need?

The essential amount of sleep an adult needs is 7 hours or more per night. The average night of sleep was between 9 to 10 hours until roughly 100 years ago. With the invention of light bulb, TV, computers and many other electronics, most of us are sleep deprived with an average of less than 6.5 hours per night.

Different age group requires different hours of sleep. According to Mayo Clinic, the following is the average hours of sleep needed per night depending on age:

Hours needed for better sleep

5 Short & Long term effects of inadequate sleep

Sleep deprivation can cause short term and long term damage to your physical and mental health.

Short period of lacking sleep can:

  1. Decrease your alertness

  2. Decrease your memory

  3. Cause stress and irritability

  4. Damage skin complexion

  5. Slow down your metabolism

Long term of lacking sleep can:

  1. Cause high blood pressure

  2. Increase your chances of heart attack

  3. Increase your chances of stroke

  4. Cause depression

  5. Cause obesity

What does Traditional Chinese Medicine say about insomnia?